Roulette — International release cover

Roulette (black Womb series, 4)Roulette, the fourth novel in the ten book Black Womb series by Matthew LeDrew gets its international release this fall with a new cover and a larger format, trending away from the “pocket paperback” size of the original eight releases from Engen Books.

The Pitch: As the teen suicide rate in Coral Beach starts to climb astronomically fast, Xander travels to Los Angeles to fight his most terrifying adversary yet… and learns that the only thing worse than looking for release… is finding it.

The novel, which occurs simultaneously with The Tourniquet Reprisal, is receiving a new edit from Infinity co-author Ellen Curtis, which is appropriate as the novel marks to first published appearance of Infinity mainstay Leigh Blackheart.

“We’ve been pushing to get the series complete and into the format we want it — in its entirety,” said LeDrew, who started the series (and the Engen Universe) in October 2007. “As we move more and more into a digital realm, it’s important to have all of the series available on that format so that readers and fans can find it all how and when they want it.”

First released in October 2009, Roulette tells the story of a class trip the Xander and his friends are all but blackmailed into going on, and the devastating effect their absence has on events back home in Coral Beach. It introduced Mandy Peterson, who would become a pivotal character in the series, and moved Julie Peterson and Tommy Irons from being side-characters into the main cast for the first time.

Upon its release, review of the novel were largely favorable:

“LeDrew provides his typical pro-level pacing: a few early scenes involving the then-unnamed threat were pitch-perfect. Never a one-note novel, we are treated to moments of sadness and elation, fear and relief. Engen Books always explore a wider range than their base classification would suggest.”
Jay Paulin, Ink’d Well Comics

“I’m getting to be very fond of these books .”
The Northeast Avalon Times

“You get a better feeling for the people who have been struggling all this time and a new appreciation for the strength that some of them possess.”
Goodreads reader

Roulette will be available soon in all markets that sell books. For those who cannot wait there are a limited number of the original print left. Those interested are encouraged to contact Engen Books, for-sale versions of the original are limited.

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