The Amazing Atlanticon!!

atlanticon trailerAtlanticon 3 took place on September 26, 27, and 28 2014 at the Memorial University Grenfell Campus in Corner Brook Newfoundland, to great success. With amazing attendance including fans, actors, authors, and cos-players, the convention was a fun, amazing weekend for all involved.

Headlined by Robert Axelrod (the voice of Lord Zedd and Finster from the classic Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers) and joined by Cara Nicole, Alfred Trujillo, and award-winning author of Royal Flush and Taking Stock Scott Bartlett, the convention was also attended by a plethora of Engen Authors, including Steve Lake and Darren Hann (Sci-Fi from the Rock Returns), Sarah Thompson (author of light|dark), Ellen Curtis (author of Compendium, Infinity, and the Tourniquet Reprisal) and Black Womb author Matthew LeDrew.

“Amazing weekend out at Atlanticon,” tweeted St. John’s native Ellen Curtis. “It’s been too long since Engen Books was in Corner Brook and we are definitely looking forward to returning next year!” To see more tweets from Curtis, follow her @ellen_louise_

“Well done by all involved, the Corner Brook crew really put off a great show,” said Steve Lake, author of the Full Moon series of vampire=detective short stories. “Thanks again to Jeff Keeping and the gang… now it’s just eight months until [the next] Sci-Fi on the Rock!” Follow Steve @stylinsteve.

“The convention was really well organized, and Corner Brook is a beautiful city,” said Matthew LeDrew, author of the 10-book Black Womb series, The Long Road, Infinity, and The Tourniquet Reprisal. “There’s something about what Jeff Keeping and his crew have accomplished out here that’s truly amazing. More than any other convention, this one seems less about nerding-out (not that there’s anything wrong with that) or an orgy of commerce (not that there’s anything wrong with that either) and more about a bunch of like-minded individuals being provided a venue to get together and share their art. Jewlery, craft, sketching, painting, food, authorship, modeling, spoken-word… all were represented here, and represented well. Definitely Atlanticon will be for Corner Brook what ComiCon has become for San Diego: less an event as it is a welcomed part of the culture of the city.”

And of course, you can’t get that many Engen Authors together in one place without things becoming Dysfunctional! The Most Dysfunctional Writing Podcast Season 2 has officially begun and was filmed live during a Sunday 2pm to 3pm timeslot. Though attendance was slow during the third day at the con, those that attended were engaged and asked wonderful questions, which we answered (a little too functionally, at some points) by Sarah Thompson, Steve Lake, Ellen Curtis, and Matthew LeDrew.

Look for it on the Engen YouTube soon, along with new Top Ten lists every Tuesday and From the Writing Desk installments every two weeks!

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