Mount Pearl Library Reading a Massive Success!

The April 24th, 2013 reading at the Mount Pearl Public Library was a massive success for Engen authors Matthew LeDrew and Ellen Curtis, as well as Royal Flush author Scott Bartlett and Newfoundland Vampire author Charles O’Keefe.

Curtis read a selection of her short Omega from the collection light|dark, and LeDrew read the short story Invasion from the new collection Sci-Fi from the Rock Returns, which officially releases tomorrow at the 7th annual Sci-Fi on the Rock.

Missed it? Don’t worry. Curtis and LeDrew will be available this weekend again at Sci-Fi on the Rock 7, as well as Engen authors Steve Lake, Justin Foley, Mark Todd, Darren Hann, Tara Murphy, Andrea Edwards and Melanie Collins.

Two Engen Books events this weekend include The Second Most Dysfunctional Writing Panel Ever and Writing is for Everyone. Click the links to let us know you’re coming!

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