If it ain’t broke…

Chains or Gang War? The world may never know.
Chains or Gang War? The world may never know.

So some of you might be wondering what I’ve been up to the last few weeks —  I’ve been working hard to make sure the next two Engen titles, Chains and Sci-Fi from the Rock Returns, make it out on time.

Well there were some problems with Chains in production, but I’m glad to say I’ve got both book in now in time for their release at next weekend’s convention and reading… but, well, there’s a problem.

Problems are going to happen sometimes as a small press publisher. Sometimes deadlines make the crunch hard and things get missed. My favorite small press comic publisher, Mirage, has a slogan “If it ain’t late, it ain’t Mirage,” making fun at their constantly-late publications. In than vein, perhaps Engen’s slogan should not be “Never Look Back” — perhaps it should be “If it ain’t broke, it ain’t Engen.”

So to see what I’m talking about, see the image accompanying this post… notice anything? Here’s a hint: the title on the spine should be the same as the title on the cover. Oops.

So I’m fixing this in time for the release, so anyone buying on Amazon will clearly have a good copy — but I can’t get new copies in in time for the convention next week. So fans of Black Womb eager for the end of the series will have an odd looking bookshelf, with two copies of Gang War — one 150 pages longer than the other. LOL.

The perils of small publishing. Puts Ken Tam’s spine-mishap into perspective.

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