Ellen’s Adventures in Paradise, Episode 1: A Walk to Get Dinner

Ellen Curtis
Ellen Curtis

Walk to and from, 8/10. Crosswalk was iffy, paired with the fact that ice completely covered the crossing button led to me having to beat the ice away with my flashlight (bonus points for the button working once I had done that though). Bonus points to Paradise for the sidewalk clearing though

Dinner at The Outport, 7/10. Server was very sweet. Decor was homey, but not in a particularly bad way. Ordered a rare steak and garden salad. Steak was overdone (though seasoned nicely) for what I consider rare, as were the accompanying boiled carrots, though the mushroom and onions were good. Garden salad tasted nice with the raspberry vinaigrette, however the tomato in the salad was old looking.

Overall rating of Adventure, 7/10. Good cure for the boredom that is Paradise. Food was not great considering the price, but it got me out of the house and there weren’t any dishes left for me to clean, so there is that. Perhaps next time I’ll just order something else.

Bottom line: I’m posting about my walk down the road because that is literally how boring this place is sometimes. Metrobus or something would greatly improve the situation. Or a car. Or not being alone in the house for a 13 hour stretch.

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