Andre Myette @ Hal Con 2012

Andre Myette, Black Womb, Hal Con 2012So this was actually the first of the drawings that I got done at Hal Con 2012, and really got the ball rolling. If Andre had said no, I don’t think I would have had nearly so many cool images to deal with. And it all started because of the Nick Bradshaw incident last year.

By “Nick Bradshaw incident” I mean I was sitting next to a great Marvel Comics artist for 2 days and was too shy to ask him to draw the Womb, even though my giant poster of the Womb was staring him in the face for days. So this year when I found out that my table was next to another comic book artist I jumped on.

Didn’t hurt that in addition to peddling his comics, Andre had set up a deal with Hal Con wherein he would draw people in their costumes for $10.00 and $5.00 of it would go to Hal Con itself. That’s just a great deal. I was sitting next to this guy watching him draw people over and over again, producing these amazing-yet-cartoony likenesses. It really let me feel okay about just walking over during a calm few minutes and say: “Hey, would you draw one for me?”

I think in the picture above Andre was very much mimicking my style, which i respect. It’s not always easy to do. There were a few pictures of the Womb for sell as prints, and he was the only artist on this list to have a good view of all of them, so it makes sense. Either was he did a great job a capturing that heroic aspect of the Womb… most of the others focused in on the horror aspects, but this is why I did this: for different takes. You want wildly different? You should see Ariel Marsh’s take… I’ll have it up soon. Whoa-nelly.

Anyway, I’m grateful to Andre for saying yes.

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