CK @ Hal Con 2012

AndBlack Womb by CK now in the “artist @ Hal Con 2012” series we come to something… totally different. And totally awesome. This version of the Womb was done by an artist I only know as CK. She did some work for the Fearsome Fables charity book over @ Ink’d Well Comics (something I only found out after she did the piece) and is apparently working on a very cool-looking web series called “Colt,” which she provided a character book for.

This picture is beautiful. And I mean that in a genuine, aesthetic way. I think all pictures of one of my characters are beautiful in their own way, but this one actually has a grace and elegance to the tone and the shading and the positioning. It’s not a snarling battle pose or a scary look like other artists I pitched to did… she took my design of the character and make it her own. And it is lovely.

I love what she did with the swirls going around and the musculature… and the eyes, the way they’re correct but unique and somehow look alien. This is a very, very elegant version of Black Womb. I imagine this being what he’d look like in those sections of the series where he’s described as graceful… like when he’s taking on a lot of enemies and instead of focusing of the violence (which gets tiresome for a writer to do all the time) we focus on the grace of the movement of the character… like a ballet dancer.

I’m very glad CK did this. She picked up a copy of one of our books (I can’t recall which one), and I can’t wait to see if maybe, just maybe, some imagery in that book (whatever it is) inspires her to do another piece. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see more from her.

Awesome, awesome art.

Never Look Back
Matthew LeDrew

6 thoughts on “CK @ Hal Con 2012”

  1. These BW sketches have been incredible, Matthew. Before my next show, we’ll have to talk about this some more. I can try and wring out interpretations from some of my other artist pals (or new folks I meet).

    I always say that CK is one of my favourite artists for movement and flow. She does an incredible job capturing a character’s essence in her sketch cards.

    Quick thing about Fearsome Fables: A preview image of her piece has been featured in our promotional bits since the summer. Also, since around May 1, her name has been listed amongst the other contributors.


  2. You should pitch a panel design to artists and have them sign a waiver. Then, at the end, you can assemble them into a complete mini-comic and offer it for free via your website.


  3. If you pitch it right and make sure everything is on the level. It also depends on the preferences and career stage of the artist — and your friendship with them! Haha.

    Someone like Larry Hama, as you learned at Hal-Con, will not draw other people’s work — which is 100% respectable. Someone else may treat it like a regular commissioned sketch.


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