Nick Bradshaw @ Hal Con 2012

Nick Bradshaw, Hal Con 2012, Black WombThere are going to be a few of these “artist @ Hal Con 2012”-style posts. This one, and the image to the left, actually represents a big win for me. As I mentioned in my last post, last year I sat next to Nick Bradshaw in the dealer’s room and kicked myself over and over for not getting him to do me a sketch. Any sketch. I mean, how many times will I get in my life to say I spent the day chatting with a Marvel Comics artist? Maybe more than I think now, maybe never again.

Well, this story has a happy ending, because Nick Bradshaw was back. After joking around about how we’d both gone bearded this year (and how people searching his picture amount to a ludicrous amount of traffic to this blog every day) I asked him to do me a sketch. Not just any Wolverine or Gambit sketch either (although that would be great). No, I got Marvel-Comics artist Nick Bradshaw to draw his rendition of Black Womb.

Again, its a testament to how great these artists are that they can get it so right with me giving them so little. I gave all these great artists barely a few words on the look and personality of Black Womb, and just like with Orme, what they gave me was pitch perfect. There’s a perverse pleasure in this rendition of the character that just suits the Womb of the later novels… someone’s about to get it and he’s happy they’re about to get it. I imagine Genblade or one of the Tees on the other end of the camera.

Nick did his piece on these cool little artist trading0cards that I’ve never seen before. They’re basically blank trading cards with guidelines on them in light blue. You can see a little of the blue text in the bottom left of the image, spelling the word “MANGA” in comic sans.

I’ve learned so much about how to draw my own character from these two pieces, as well as all the others, which will be posted soon. The black-and-white simplicity of it is something I’ve always been drawn to (you can see it in the first five covers) but could never quite get right. The cross hatching is great, the dimension lines and muscle tone is great, everything about this is great.

I also appreciate that all the artists colored him in. It’d be so easy to just draw the outline of the character and just say “and he’s black.” The effort that Bradshaw and all these guys put in to make the image what I wanted for a mere $20. These guys are credits to their field.

Anyway, this whole thing is basically to prove two things: to show Black Womb art and to prove that Nick Bradshaw is an amazing guy. And both are true.

Never Look Back
Matthew LeDrew

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