Nicolas Orme @ Hal Con 2012

Nicolas Orme, Black Womb, Hal Con 2012Okay, so there’s this thing I’ve wanted to do at every convention I’ve ever gone to and have never really had the stones to do it, mostly because I am, very deep down, a terribly introverted person that hates to hear the word “no.” But this time I got the guts. I went up to the artists that had signs saying they were doing commissions and asked them, politely, if they would do a sketch of Black Womb. I told them about the character and provided, when requested, some reference work that I’d done.

Now I did this last year too, to little success, because I only asked one guy: Nick Orme. Despite having sat next to Nick Bradshaw and kicking myself for not asking him, I had asked Orme, who said he’d be happy to take a swing at it. And nothing happened. So this year I reminded him. He kicked himself a few times, then tried drawing it. I saw the sketch pad after, he’d gotten frustrated a few times… but ended up producing the image shown above, which is simply awesome. I love seeing other artists interpretations on my character. Like the adam’s apple there: I never would have thought of that, and yet there it is and it adds to the image. The smile is just perfect too… it has so much of that personality that the character can get when in the wrong frame of mind. I look at this and instantly think of seven different places in the series this could have been lifted from, not the least of which the final battle between the Womb and the Tees from Becoming. It just looks great to me. Well worth the wait.

Orme actually has a lot on his plate, so I can excuse the delay. He’s working on an as-yet-untitled (I think) superhero book for Ink’d Well Comics starring a character named Ryan Gray, which I find hilarious, because Ryan Gosling is going to be playing Gray in the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Gray. I just think he’ll get a bunch of google hits from people looking for things that aren’t him, and chuckle, because the same thing happens to me with my stuff all the time.

But seriously, he’s given me the pitch for the series and I’ve seen the concept art. It sounds amazing. I actually think it belongs in the Engen Universe, but whatever. That’s just me.

Thanks again for the amazing art, Nick.

Matthew LeDrew
Never Look Back

2 thoughts on “Nicolas Orme @ Hal Con 2012”

  1. On a more serious note, I had no doubt that Nic was going to deliver an incredible interpretation of the Womb. Actually, I think all the artists — in spite of varying degrees of familiarity with the character — nailed things in their art.

    That means only one thing, in my opinion: You pitched the character effectively to total strangers. This can only mean good things for you as a publisher and creator. Many people struggle to find the perfect way to describe their work and that’s never been a weakness for you.

    Talk to you soon, bud.


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