John Rhys-Davies @ Hal Con 2012

John Rhys-Davies Hal Con 2012

Okay, so when I’m at conventions I try to stay away from “the talent.” First of all I’m not one of those frothing fanboys we’ve all seen, nor am I automatically reverent of this person I have never met. Second… Whenever I am near one I tend to do something inadvertently stupid, and then that becomes the story I have to write about on my blog. And that’s not flattering.

That was not the case with John Rhys-Davies. I met him in the guest lounge, of all places, which Hal Con had dubbed “The Green Room.” It was a great idea: a place where the guests could go and escape the madness that is often the con.

There’s food there. And I was hungry. Also, Ellen’s diet restrictions meant I had to scavenge for her for fruit. This time when I went in Rhys-Davis was there… And the only seat open was the seat next to him. So I had to sit there (and had an excuse to sit there).

One thing to note about me: I am sarcastic, but I will typically try to stay out of other people’s conversations until the sarcasm in me becomes uncontrollable and must be let out.

So Rhys-Davies was already in conversation when I sat down. He was talking about the American economy with two people who I assume were Odo’s PAs, based on their shirts. Which was fine. He said something to the tune of “you can’t spend your way out of debt forever,” which is also true.

Anyway, then he started talking about why Canada isn’t in such a bad economic situation, and brought up our minerals and mines and oil.

Minerals and mining.

Which normally wouldn’t have been a big deal, but given what he is most famous for:

Gimli, LotR

So of course my sarcasm alarm is blaring, but I rein it in… Not out of respect, but more because it’s just too obvious a joke.

Then he spoke about the European economy and how Germany had the finance and the power to fix the Euro but would want control over it, and that for various historical reasons Europe did not want to give control to Germany.

Sarcasm went into overload and I spoke: “Wait, you mean Europe doesn’t want to give control to Germany? Wow. There are so many historical texts I need to reread. I completely misinterpreted a whole section around the forties. Wow.”

He chuckled (thankfully), and we went on to discuss the still-great Newfoundland economy and the always-great Danny Williams in great detail. Fat Apollo joined in. It was a fun talk.

When I got up, I said I wanted credit for not making the mining joke above.

He took a bite of whatever he was eating and said: “Credit Granted.”

Later he came around the Engen booth and talked, even came around behind the table and took a picture (above). He even took a copy of Infinity, bless him. Hope he reads and enjoys it.

Side note: this is a rare picture of me smiling. The reason? John Rhys-Davies tickles you when he takes a picture with you.

You’ve been warned.

Awesome guy, and another awesome memory from Hal Con 2012.

Never Look Back
Matthew LeDrew

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