Today St. John’s, tomorrow Halifax


Another year gone by already, and another blog-post! Bright and early tomorrow morning we get to escape the rain here in St. John’s and hop across the water to Halifax for Hal-Con. It doesn’t really seem like a year since the last convention because we’ve been so busy! Once again we are down to the wire running errands and packing up shop to make the trek to Atlantic Canada’s biggest science fiction convention.

New this year from Engen Books comes The Tourniquet Reprisal, our follow-up to Infinity. Fans of the first are in for a wild ride, following Victor, Abby, Chad, JayCee, Theo and a few new faces as the face of against an old foe. Likewise, fans of Matthew LeDrew’s Black Womb series will be happy to see Engen’s flagship novel in it’s new international format with a bumped-up word count.

Engen Universe’s Halifax fans will also get a chance to buy light|dark in person for the first time since it launched in April, as well as the latest addition to the Black Womb series, Gang War. The third annual Hal-Con will also be the convention debut of The Man with the Hole in his Head, the work of Engen’s newest author, Kevin Woolridge.

Hal-Con will also be the first venue to offer Engen Books prints. All new Black Womb artwork will be available for sale, including Kevin Kendall’s cover art from the international edition of Black Womb.

Look for Engen Books on the second floor of the World Trade and Convention Centre 12:00 Friday. In the mean time, we’ll be packing (I actually haven’t started my suitcase yet. Oops!) and getting all the little last minuted things done before we take flight early tomorrow morning!

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