Kevin Kendall exhibit approaches!

Black Womb (Matthew LeDrew)In this industry, nothing is for sure until it’s at the printers. Actually, the rule around the Engen office is that nothing is certain until it’s actually in your hands, a lesson we learned this time last year, but we digress.

After much anticipation, the re-tooled and re-launched international edition of Black Womb hits the market this month, with the appropriate re-launch occurring at Hal-Con 2012 from October 26-28th.

The book has been revised and expanded throughout, so even existing readers can find something new and exciting within the text: all this to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the original Black Womb, published in October 2007.

To mark the occasion, Newfoundland artist Kevin Kendall supplied beautiful new cover art for the book. Kendall works out of Kendallight Studios in Abraham’s Cove, and is known for his photo-realistic renditions of portraits and people.

Kendall will be holding his first solo exhibit at the Arts and Culture Center in Stephenville (Newfoundland) on October 3rd, 2012 at 7:00 pm.

“I will be displaying various illustrations and fine art paintings and look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones,” said Kendall. “Come out for an evening of art and conversation, with a touch of humor.”

Kendall has also been teaching his trade at the College of the North Atlantic Bay St. George campus this year, “Introduction to Drawing,” where lucky students have learned:

• Materials/Techniques
• Perspective/Basic forms
• Warm ups/Sketching/Negative space
• Learning to see/Contour drawing/Line drawing
• Gesture drawing/Measuring/Grid drawing
• Still Life drawing
• Landscape drawing
• Animal and people drawing

Be there October 3rd to support Kevin Kendall, and on October 27th-29th to support Engen Books!

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