The Man with the Hole in his Head launch a complete success!

The Man with the Hole in His HeadSaturday (August 21st, 2012) saw the official release of The Man with the Hole in his Head (by Kevin Woolridge) at the Grand Bank Regional Theater to great success.

Woolridge, always a man of many talents in theater and cartooning, proved a triple threat (at least) with the supernatural thriller that hooked many people on the premise alone, enough to completely sell out of the copies brought for the launch.

“It was a great signing today,” said Woolridge. “We sold out and could have sold a lot more.”

Woolridge will be doing more signings closer to the city in the coming month(s), but patrons eager to find out what all the fuss is about should check and to purchase the book online at discounted rates.

Kevin Woolridge

Facebook post from Woolridge on the day of: “First book signing today. What do people write on the inside of books when asked? Will people be judging my penmanship? What if I spell something wrong? Should I wear a suit? A sweater would be all ‘Hey, I’m a cozy and approachable author,’ but it’s super warm outside…”

Sharon King Campbell

First person to buy a copy of the book? Sharon King-Campbell. The protagonist in Woolridge’s book? Camper King. Coincidence?

Kevin Woolridge was born in 1977 in St. John’s, Newfoundland.
He holds a BFA (theatre) from Grenfell College.

When not writing, he spends his time working as an actor/musician for various theater companies, and drawing his comic book series The Little World.

The Man With The Hole in His Head is his first novel.

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