Lemon Lime Gelato

Newfoundland’s summer heatwave has had me reminiscing lately about happy times in warmer places. One of those happy times happens to be my trip to Italy from a few years back, and with the memories comes the crazy craving for Italian food that only gelato can satisfy in this heat.

After doing a bit of searching, the sister and I settled on using this Food Network recipe for our own batch of gelato. We stuck with the measurements for milk and sugar, but veered off course when it came to the lemon zest and juice. I wanted something a little sweeter, but still in keeping with Italy’s famous citrus exports. We decided to go with a mixture of lemon and lime, using two Mexican limes (the majority of the juice) and one lemon. We used the zest from these three fruits, as well as an extra lemon to give the gelato the divine bursts of flavour the recipe called for, but we used about half a tablespoon more when all was said and done.

I wasn’t disappointed with our results. We got beautiful, creamy gelato, and while I would recommend leaving the gelato to freeze overnight after it has been churned, ours was lovely (though softer) after just an hour.

My camera is more closely related to a potato than any technology, so this shot by no means captures the vibrance of the zest.
My sister (unwillingly) captured on camera setting up the ice cream maker. This girl’s got her priorities straight. This was the top item on her Christmas list a few years back. It has never failed us.
All ingredients added in and whipped up, the gelato mixture is thick, creamy and smooth. Oh, and super fragrant. The entire kitchen smelled sweet and citrusy.
Getting a little mixing action on the go. We let ours go for about 25 minutes when all was said an done.
Unfortunately, our blast of summer heat meant the mixing bowl wasn’t quite cold enough, so instead of into gelato cups, our mix went straight into the freezer.
I broke out the better camera for this shot. As good as the picture looks, the gelato managed to be better. A little bite of heaven!

Happy eats!

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