New short from Compendium author!


Compendium author Ellen Curtis was again a featured Engen author last month, this time in a collection of short stories titled light|dark.

Like Compendium, light|dark takes place in the grander scheme of the Engen Universe, featuring stories that range from woven between the pages of Black Womb and Infinity to tales that take place well outside the previously- tread ground the authors normally cover.

Unlike Compendium, this time Curtis isn’t alone. She’s working with five other authors, many of them new to the Engen Universe, including Andrea Edwards, Jay Paulin and Sarah Thompson.

“It’s really great to work on shorts again,” said Curtis. “I love writing Infinity and would never stop, but there’s a freedom to shorts that you just can’t duplicate. It’s wonderful.”

Curtis pens the story Omega, which follows the thematic threads of Compendium and serves, in many ways, as a love-note to her fans and to all fans of science-fiction thrillers.

light|dark is available for purchase now, which options for digital download coming soon.

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