Pre-Covention Update: Sci-Fi on the Rock

Alright, so this weekend, from Friday, April 20th, to Sunday, April 22nd, myself and Matthew LeDrew will be doing our usual guest bit down at the Sci-Fi on the Rock convention. Regular readers will know that Matt and I operate out of the Engen Books booth with the Black Womb series, Infinity, Compendium and Sci-Fi from the Rock anthologies and our new Engen Universe anthology light|dark (launching this weekend!) for a fraction of the price they sell online for, and without the tacked on cost of shipping. It’s a great opportunity for anyone interested in the books to stop on down and pick them up without having to wait for them to arrive before reading them, and it saves a few dollars in between! Friday we will be set up from 4pm-10pm, Saturday from 9am-6pm, and Sunday from 9am-5pm. Both myself and Matt will be signing books free of charge for those interested, and our other collaborators will be floating around the convention as well, able to sign books. Jay Paulin, who authored a short in light|dark, will be at the Ink’d Well Comics booth throughout the weekend, and Sarah Thompson, author of another short in Light|Dark, will be joining myself and Matt at the Engen table. Authors from Sci-Fi from the Rock and More Sci-Fi from the Rock should also be floating around the convention, but as many of them are involved with the intricate little details of running the con, it may be a little harder to catch up with them for their signatures or a quick chat about their writing!

Also following our usual routine, I’ll be joining Matt for a panel on writing called Writing Wreck: What to do when you’re blocked at 11:00am on Saturday in the Lucas Room. We will be discussing methods for dealing with writer’s block and other general writing topics, as well as answering questions from the audience. This is one of the highlights of conventions for me, as it gives us a great opportunity to help young authors grow, and panels with Matt were how I started working with Engen Books.

I hope I’ll see a lot of people at the convention this year. Anyone who would like to come by the table and chat about writing is more than welcome to. We love hearing from our fans!

Making faces during an old Sci-Fi on the Rock. Always a fun time 🙂

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