So, as promised ages back, today’s post is about my duck collection. I like to think of it as the one admittedly insane thing Matt lets me keep in the apartment. Everything else is pretty nice looking, pretty done up. When I moved in, he bemoaned the fact that we had rubber ducks in the living room, especially since they were one of the things accompanying Esabiel’s massive terrarium. Like Esa, the ducks have luckily grown on Matt, something which I’m sure their move to our window ledges tucked safely behind the curtains for when guests come over had something to do with it.

Either way, my duck collection has grown over the years from some pretty humble beginnings. I’m pretty sure I can blame Sesame Street for my first duck, because really, as a toddler, who doesn’t love the rubber ducky song?

Left, Anna. Right, Ellen. Centre at back of blanket, first ducky. A random white duck makes an appearance.

It would be a while before my duck collection really took off though with the closing of a local dollar store.

Going to the dollar store unaccompanied was one of the few things my sister and I would do together with our friends when we were still pretty young. It just so happened that a closing sale of gummy donuts at $0.25 wasn’t as appealing to me as it was to my sister, and as I spent the time perusing the store for something ‘cooler’ to spend my money on. Evil Ducky answered the call.

Let me just say, Evil Ducky was part of a series of rubber ducks with car friendly bases that I fully intended to purchase more of, but given the fact that as a youngster I had neither a car for more ducks nor a paying job with which to purchase said ducks before the dollar store closed, I sadly lost out. Looking back, the fact that I chose just about the nastiest looking duck out of the set might not have endeared mother into buying more for me either.

Anywho, moving along.

Two ducks wasn’t much of a collection, but then about 6 years ago, a classmate went to Germany and brought back mini-glow-in-the-dark rubber ducks and I began to think of my three little amigos as a collection. And that is probably when I decided, ok, that cool. Some people collect stamps, I could justify ducks…

From there, Mum decided to get a little bit indulgent, partially I think due to the nostalgia trend that’s been on the go. Quickly, flashing ducky keychains, rubber duck head-phones and two flashing rubber ducks joined the ranks of the rubber duckies in my room, and then I went to Italy.

Italy was possibly the best ten days of my life, so after scrimping and saving so I could go with school, I wasn’t eager to blow all my spending money on shoes like some of the other girls. I had priorities. I wanted a Venetian mask, I wanted a parasol made out of Venetian lace, I wanted maybe one new dress, and near the end of the trip when we were on the Island of Capri, I REALLY wanted to spend some more money because it was burning a bloody hole in my pocket. And then I walked into a little beach shop with some friends who were looking for bathing suits and discovered my little keepsake from Capri, my pretty pink duck which I promptly purchased for 4 euros and emblazoned with all the events of the day.

This started my “let’s buy ducks wherever I go” thing, which I’ll get to later.

Anyway, ever since Capri I’ve been on a duck hunt. At some point in between, I decided it would be a good idea to buy up whole collections, like my hippy ducks and Mum thought it would be fun too (most recent being six Halloween ducks, not to mention the punk rock band of ducks she has stashed away that she thinks I’ve forgotten about). Somewhere along the way I also found a flashing duck, a quacking and flashing duck, as well as a pair of normal bath duckies to join the group. When my sister followed my footsteps and made the trans-atlantic flight to Italy, she picked up a second Italian duck for me, one that colour changes between pink and white depending on the temperature water it is in. Eventually, my duck collection outgrew my keepsake shelf where it had been growing and I got the idea that flashing ducks would keep Esa happy. Because every snake needs some ducks.

Matt, as I mentioned, has grown used to the ducks. He went so far as to purchase a glorious “odd duck” to add to the collection. Apparently, his name is Bob.

I imagine that instead of “quack, quack” Bob goes “wack, wack”

As Hal-Con wound down, my collection reached new heights. I had bought a birthday present for my mother but nothing for myself, so armed with a little cash I took a quick jaunt away from my table, fully intending to see if someone was selling corsets or jewellery or hats or something half sensible that was still girlish and a little bit freaky. That’s just how I roll.

As usual, I met my doom walking through the downstairs. Sadly, I did not see any corsets, the jewellery had been picked over so the nicest pieces were already sold and the hats were just too similar to ones I already have, or didn’t match the outfit I was looking to pair them with. Either way, I was getting a little sad when I realized there wasn’t much left. Then I turned a corner.

Right on the end, a nice big booth was set up, covered in  a half gazillion happy little ducks. I might as well have opened my purse up and flung money at the sweet woman there.

As if it wasn’t enough for me to look through the table, she revealed a huge bag of ducks hidden below the table cloth and let me have at them.

I came away with two keychain super hero ducks, a Magneto Duck, Super Girl Duck, mini glowing cat duck, mini glowing mummy duck, Werewolf duck and Mardi Gras/ Venetian mask duck.

Anyway, after I had dropped $20 on ducks (I maintain that, for all those ducks, that’s a damn good price), I trotted back upstairs to share my spoils with Matthew. I imagine what I brought back must have tested his patience for my collection, partly due to the fact that upon lining them up on the table his eyes grew a titch wide and he seemed a bit lost for words. Perhaps the glory overwhelmed him. Something tells me otherwise, but let’s just ignore that.

Christmas brought even more ducks. An entire collection of Christmas themed ducks is now also sitting on the window ledge. Then, for my birthday, Mum and Sis decided it would be wonderful to fill a large bag with rubber ducks. All of them, save for one, were wonderful. A large bath duck with three mini-ducks, a certified bath duck, and a new light-up quaking keychain, as well as a stress squeeze duck all found their place in my ducky collection. The horrendously frightening Saint Patrick’s Day duck however… well, as hell sent as he looked he’s also now on the shelf. They also managed to find me matching duck earrings and a necklace.

Below are some pictures of how these duckies all sit on the window ledge. As you can probably see, I’m running out of room!

One thought on “Ducks”

  1. The curious glow duck in the penultimate photo (C1, R3) makes me smile every time I look at the little guy. Anyhow, I found the entire story to be so sweet and charming; Ellen, you totally need to post more often!


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