Recent Foodie Diary!

Hey gang! Today I’ve got a pretty intense food post for everyone. I’m going to include a few things I’ve made the past week or two and a really great meal I had at local wonder India Gate.

First off, I finally made an omelette again when I visited Mum and Dad last weekend. The stove Matt and I have is a little finicky, so it’s tricky to not ruin anything on the stove. Even on the lowest setting, butter burns in seconds. It’s one of the reasons I started making pancakes in muffin pans. My oh-so-good combo was simple, fresh Newfoundland eggs, small breakfast sausages leftover from a barbecue the night before, cut up and paired with melted cheese and onions. Getting breakfast on the go can get boring, so this was a treat!

Yesterday night, after a day of studying and watching Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares for hours on Netflix, I had the urge to treat myself to some home cooking. Broccoli and beef stew was simple to make. As per Mr. Ramsay’s instructions, I boiled broccoli in water, keeping the water aside while I blended the broccoli. Then I went a little aside from Ramsay’s simple recipe, adding the broccoli mash to the water, adding in some thyme, salt, ground pepper as well as some beef cubes I had been grilling up. I panfried them with blended Zuma tomatoes and finely chopped onion so they added a bit more flavour to the broccoli soup. I also added a splash of milk to thicken up the mixture. It turned out fabulously.

As you can see, the beef made the soup less green and more broth-y. It was lovely. It also cost less than $10 to make a massive amount. Would have been good for a few days if Matt hadn’t gobbled up so much.

I also made some chicken korma after an amazing dinner at India Gate, which I’ll get to at the end of this post. Of course, it wasn’t anything near as good as it was authentically made, but it was still so, so good.

Now, what my family had at India Gate was far more exciting than some korma on a bed of rice. The setting itself is romantic, beautiful Indian wood carvings, paintings of Indian women playing instruments, all of it authentic and beautiful. Below is a little sample of what we ordered. There were quite a few of us, so we ordered starters and several mains to share. A similar meal could be had at their wonderful lunch buffet. Best of all? The majority of their food, except for bread, is gluten free. From left to right, as best as I can remember what we had: Rice Pillaw, Lamb Vindaloo, Tandoori Chicken, Baigan Masala, and lastly Chicken Madras. Our starters had consisted of papadums with a sweet mango chutney and a spicy carrot pickle, and a platter they call Gate Special Snacks, consisting of samosas (my first time having some of these babies, only place they’ve been gluten free!), veg pakora, onions bhajia (my sister’s favourite thing on the planet) and chicken pakors, all of which came out with some raita (a light yogurt dip to cool down the spicy stuff) . All of it was amazing, even the lamb, which I’m not generally a fan of.

The Tandoori chicken was possibly my favourite, closely followed up by the chicken korma. This coming from someone who loves her red meat nonetheless!

I had some lovely fresh mango drink with my dinner. It was absolutely fragrant and delicious, and to end the night, while the rest of the gang had a rice pudding called kheer, I had some mango kulfi, an amazing mango ice cream they make in house. It couldn’t have been tastier.

This stuff is to die for. Absolutely amazing!

Overall, India Gate was a ten out of ten. After our dinner, the owner even came out to talk to our table and thank us for coming by. It was recently updated, so even the decor in the bathrooms was posh and sleek. It’s been years since I’ve been down, primarily because the dinner service is a little bit pricey (but worth it 100%). For eight of us, we ended up with a bill just under $400. Not exactly bad for dessert, starters and mains as well as drinks, but a bit too much for my student budget. Luckily their lunchtime buffet is cheaper  (under $20 for all you can eat). The buffet runs from 11:30am- 2pm Monday through Friday, and as most of what they cook is gluten free, the danger of buffets for celiac and gluten intolerant individuals is almost completely non-existent. They also offer fine dining Monday through Sunday from 5pm-10:30pm. If you plan to go, book in advance for either service, because they are a bustling little spot! I honestly can’t wait to go back.

Disclaimer: I receive absolutely no compensation for reviews of any restaurant. All reviews are my honest opinions.

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