Quitting Coffee : Tetley Tea

20120211-085343.jpg So quitting coffee has been going fairly well this time. I’ve managed to switch over fairly seamlessly to tea. I know that’s kind of like switching from Export As to menthols and thinking you’re making a big change, but it’s the best I could do. Caffeine is everywhere. It seems that the most I could hope to do was control how much of it I got.

That said, when did they switch to these round tea bags? I can’t say I’m a fan. I mean, the shape doesn’t make a difference taste-wise, but I feel like it should have been reflected in the title. I know they weren’t called square-bags before, but if I woke up tomorrow with a square head, people at would be like: “Hey you! Square-Head! Pass the ketchup!” Right?

Round tea bags.

Never Look Back
Matthew LeDrew


2 thoughts on “Quitting Coffee : Tetley Tea”

  1. I think the round bag is genius – round mug round tea bag…ie the tea fits perfectly at the base to make a better cup…makes sense huh?? no?? What made you choose Tetley in the first place? I didn’t think you could even get it in the US?


    1. I’m actually in Canada… Tetley Tea is engrained into my veins, especially growing up around outport Newfoundland.

      I don’t really have issue with the round bags. But it makes me wonder how old the square bags I was using up till last week were :S

      Do tea bags go bad? Lol.


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