My Writing Process: Editing Aloud

Of all the writing tips and tricks I’ve gone on with, the easiest to write about have been the editing.

See, for most of the writing tricks I’ve been doing them so long that they aren’t “tricks” anymore. They’re second nature. Just a happy part of the act of writing. For instance: I would find it very hard to talk about foreshadowing as a trick. It’s just a part of storytelling for me now.

But the one part of the process I can speak of a lot is editing. I don’t think it will ever become “second nature”. I think it’s always going to be a bit of a task, partly because it simply doesn’t come naturally to me.

My Editing process goes through many turns. I read the story over and over, focussing on different aspects every time. One of the key and most time consuming is to read it aloud (yet alone). I really feel this helps to identify problems in pacing and narrative.

(It’s also great practice for readings at conventions, but that’s another story altogether).

Not much to say. It does work, on multiple levels. I also find it helps relieve writers block for whatever I’m currently writing.

Not sure what else to say. Perhaps I should have thought this out more.

This might be a good time to remind everyone that if you have questions, ask. It’ll help me write these! 🙂

Never Look Back
Matthew LeDrew

2 thoughts on “My Writing Process: Editing Aloud”

  1. Editing tips are easier to offer because creative writing at that point resembles more of an exact science. It focuses more on syntax, grammar and presentation than it does with quality and value of the creative output itself.


  2. For me, reading aloud offers a little advantage but it detracts from becoming fully emerged “living in the world of the story” ; Just as if you were reading a favorite novel aloud. But I agree, it adds a different angle by which to view it. I too, am big on editing. My motto is: If I read it, I’m going to edit it. (There’s ALWAYS something to change.) -)


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