Good Friday with Family and Friends

Ellen Curtis
Ellen Curtis

Today started early for the Curtis-LeDrew household. Matt, as usual, slept in and was greeted when he woke up by chocolate chip pancake muffins. I don’t treat him often, but he had requested some chocolate chips ones a while back, and he had a bit of a drive ahead of him in the morning and needed something mostly portable to eat while he was on the road.

We headed out, he dropped me at my parents’ and he started the trek to his parents’ house about an hour and a half away in Norman’s Cove. Good stuff.

It’s been a quiet morning, drawing up plans for a ramp to my parents’ shed (read barn, the thing is two stories tall and has a huge workstation and enough room for two motorcycles) and getting the fixings together for some cod-au-gratin. We keep it pretty traditional for Good Friday despite not being super religious.

So, lunch is in an hour and after that we are making some earthy easter eggs. All we have over here is brown eggs, so we’re trying out these Martha Stewart speckled Easter eggs. Mum’s big into bugs as a result of working as an illustrator for a biology professor for a number of years, so the house is already decorated with complementary greens, oranges and browns, as well as some earth-themed decor. These will match great, and can be incorporated into the decor for the spring and summer seasons.

Later, when Matt gets back in and things clue up over here, we’re getting together with Nikki and Alex again and having a little get together of our own. Ordering in some pizza if Pizza Delight is open today (yay for gluten free pizza and garlic bread!) and having a movie night. It will probably be the last night Matt and I get out for the next few weeks, as we have exams and work steady up until Sci-Fi on the Rock starts.

Overall, we take Good Friday in a less traditional sense, but still one that is very dear to me. We use the time for being with the people who are most important to us and to reflect on what we’re thankful for. I hope that all your family and friends do the same today! You don’t need to be religious to spend time with your family and friends (and what better excuse to get together than a paid holiday!). Much love to everyone!

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