The latest from Engen Books!


April 2012 sees the release of two new publications from Engen Books, both of them to be launched and available for the first time at the sixth annual Sci-Fi on the Rock convention, April 20th, 21st and 22nd.

The first is light|dark, an anthology of short stories all taking place within the canon of the Engen Universe. Following the lead of Ellen Curtis’s 2009 collection Compendium, light|dark will feature stories from a variety of authors making their mark on the greater world of Engen Books.

According to Matthew LeDrew’s blog, the collection will include: “me [Matthew LeDrew], Jay Paulin, Andrea Edwards, Ellen Curtis, Sarah Thompson and Larry Gent all in the same book.”

“Avoiding spoilers, the story is a day in the life of a sister and brother,” commented Jay Paulin. “[Gristle While You Work is] more humorous than scary (the title should make that very obvious)…

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