Gluten Free Pancake Muffins

As promised, today I’m bringing you guys another one of my food diaries. Pancake day was a couple weeks back, so with a little left over pancake mix I concocted a breakfast treat for Matt and I. Not so nutritious, but definitely delicious. I hate cooking pancakes normally, because my stovetop is very old and very finicky, leaving them burnt on a low setting within seconds. This will definitely be a favourite from now on though. Should work with any pancake mix, or recipe. I used a generic Bulk Barn gluten-free pancake mix and followed the recipe, but it could easily be modified to suit your favourite pancakes. On top of the normal mix, I added in maple syrup to the mix (only a drizzle on top of each muffin once they were in the liners) and baked them at 300 degrees until I could poke a toothpick in the centres and come away clean. The pros of this pancake method left me with fluffy pancakes that absorbed the syrup easily and did not burn or brown (just how I like them). Cons? One pan just wasn’t enough! They were so easy to make, cooked really well and didn’t require the constant attention of standing over a stove that pancakes take, and they were portable! The perfect breakfast snack on the go.

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