History of Black Womb 4: Transformations in Pain

Transformations in Pain
Transformations in Pain, 2008, Engen Books

Should I call it that? Or should it just be “History of Transformations in Pain?” Or just “History of Black Womb 4?” Really, I want to know. I want to get this right.

This one’s going to be shorter. It’s by no means a three-parter like the account of Black Womb was, because in many ways Transformations in Pain was a much simpler book.

Part of it came from the JMS run on Amazing Spider-Man. And by some, I mean next to nothing. I liked his title to issue #471: Transformations, Both Literal and Otherwise. At the time I was also big into listening to DVD commentaries and I recall on one for a movie sequel (I honestly can’t recall which one, might have been Back to the Future) the writer/director said he loved getting everyone back together for a sequel.

So, armed with a cool title and the concept of using all the main players from the first book again, I went about writing Transformations in Pain (the title is explained in the prolog and I won’t reproduce here).

It was initially only supposed to be a short story. I’ve often said the third book, Smoke and Mirrors, was the original sequel to Black Womb. This story was simply supposed to bridge the gap between them. But it ended up being novel length, so it became the second book.

I liked this book so much it inspired me to fill in all the “gaps” in the series. I used to put months long gaps between each book, but after this I went about filling them in.

Amazing Spider-Man #471

As for the “subject matter” of the book, it was simply something I hadn’t really written much on to date. Which is strange looking at my current body of work.

Curious side note: the first chapter of this book was originally the last chapter of Black Womb. How messed up is that?

So yeah. For better or worse, this book in largely all right from my head, being inspired only by a passing comment on sequels from another writer.

Hope everyone’s keeping warm.

Never Look Back
Matthew LeDrew

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