Tentative lineup for 2012 anthology released!

light dark, anthology, engen universe, coverEngen Books announces the tentative lineup for its April 2012 anthology of short stories titled light|dark :

Matthew LeDrew, contributing the short stories Reptilia, Revving Engen, and Theogony .

Ellen Curtis, author of the previous Engen anthology Compendium, submitting a story tentatively titled Oliver .

Jay Paulin of Ink’d Well Comics, who brings his short story Gristle While you Work .

Sarah Thompson, bringing her short story: Reamers.

“There’s actually one more in the works,” stated LeDrew when asked about the lineup, “But we’re waiting on the final draft from the author. Hopefully they’ll have it done on time.”

The anthology features stories that take place within the Engen Universe, citing links to Black Womb , Infinity , and other as-yet unexplored areas of the world.

Look for its release this April at Sci-Fi on the Rock 6.

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