Quitting Coffee – A New Wrinkle

Free coffee for two months? I can't win.
Free coffee for two months? I can’t win.

Today a new wrinkle got thrown into my quest to quit coffee. Last night I was out for a drive with Ellen. We like going for short drives every now and again. It’s a soothing environment within which we can talk about our day or the novels we write.

So we were driving around and Ellen got thirsty. We stopped into a convenience store and I picked up a Dr. Pepper and a Lime Soda. When I paid, they gave me some kind of every-one’s-a-winner scratch ticket.

And of course, I won a free coffee.

Fate hates me. It could have been a bag of chips or a Subway coupon, but no, it was a coffee. And as much as I want to quit coffee, I can’t pass up anything free. The little thrifter in me won’t let me.

So I swung by another store in the chain to pick up my prize. I got a specialty drink (English Toffee… Mmmmm) and figured that was a safe cheat.

And the lady behind the counter was so nice, she gave me a card that gives me a free coffee everyday for three months!

Why didn’t anyone offer me free packs of smokes while I was quitting that?

Here’s hoping they serve decaf.

Never Look Back
Matthew LeDrew


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