Hal-Con 2011

Alrighty guys! So I’m back in St. John’s after a wonderful weekend at Hal-Con 2011, and let me tell you, it’s hard getting back into the swing of things!

First off, a re-cap of the weekend.

Friday we landed, Matt jetted off to the convention centre and I jetted off to bed. The day had taken a lot out of me before we even left Newfoundland; getting all the last minute details ready, almost being killed by a crazy lady who decided it would be cool beans to cross over three lanes of traffic when she got off the off-ramp and send us peeling out of her way into what would have been oncoming traffic on any other day. Yeesh. Anyway, where were we?

Right, Friday night. I slept, woke up bright and early to Hal-Con Day One! Let me just say, the sheer amount of people at 9 am when doors opened was impressive. Lots of love there.

Matt and I did our staple panel on writing, but thanks to the packed room, it quickly turned into question and answer, which is fine by me seeing as people commented that it was more helpful. At the end of the day, being helpful is my job ;).

Anyway, moving along. Around 5 pm Matt and I jotted out to get ready for the Stargazer Soirée. After a long day of running around and sitting pretty (read: awesome, exciting times!), the bacon wrapped scallops and lamb chops being carted around for our nom-ing pleasure were much appreciated, as was the company and city view from the top of the WTCC. Seriously a stunning little venue.

Day two saw more fun, but unfortunately in an effort to get me home bright and early I had to leave all too soon. I still managed to pack lots in before my flight (read: most hellish experience of my drama queen life). There was lots of fun to be had with Jay and Heidi of Ink’d Well Comics for the What the Wild Things Read launch (one of the highlights of the weekend being able to give back through charity! Kudos to them for getting the ball rolling and putting out such a lovely finished piece!). As well, Hal-Con 2011 marked Engen Books re-launch of Compendium to the international market as well as the launch of Black Womb Book 8: Inner Child.

After all that fun, I still managed to find time to get whisked away for gelato (Italy, if all goes well, I’d like to be back by 2016, fingers crossed!). Seriously the best gelato this side of the pond. Had a scoop of lemon-lime, a scoop of passion-berry and a scoop of rose hip flavoured gelato. The rose hip flavoured gelato was by far the most heavenly thing I have ever tasted. It is damn good I only manage to get by Halifax once a year because I would be so freaking fat living off the stuff.

From gelato, I only got a few more hours at the con, being whisked off for my “early” flight home. I should have gotten home 11:30 NL time. Should have.

It was my first time flying alone, and waiting for my flight left me a jittery mess. I’ve flown plenty of times before, just never without someone else, so naturally I was freaking out like a crazy. By the time we boarded and took off however, I had managed to calm down. Then came mechanical failure.

Seriously folks, when you’re in a swifty little plane directly over the Atlantic, you do not want to hear “we are experiencing mechanical failure and will be turning around at this time”. You panic more than a little.

By the time we were back on solid ground (after a very bumpy landing and some turbulence) I was ready to swim back home rather than get on a plane, especially when we could watch through the window as they yanked all the parts out of the plane one by one. After more than an hour of watching them do this, with no idea of what was going on, the flight crew finally clued us all in that we’d be taking another plane around 11:30, about half an hour after we should have arrived home initially.

Let’s just say, the delay in posting has had a lot to do with catching up on some severely missed sleep, but that it was all worth it, because as usual Hal-Con 2011 was a blast. So, before Matt attempts to kill me for keeping him up any longer, I better sign off. More to come though in the coming days. Look forward to posts about rubber ducks 😉


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