Hal Con 2, Day 2

Nelson the Robot - HalCon 2011
Nelson the Robot

After a slightly slow first day, the second day of Hal Con 2011 really blew me away. We again almost sold out of every title this year, and both the Writer’s Toolkit workshop yesterday with Ellen Curtis and my “Writer’s Block” panel today went over really well with full attendance for both.

There was simply tons to do and see, and Halifax really came through with making us feel welcomed. There really is a sense of community here that just isn’t found everywhere — and there’s something for everyone. I mean, last night the Stargazer Soiree was actually very classy. I mean, probably the classiest thing I’ve ever been to (but that doesn’t necessarily say much).

A big part of all that is the organizers and the volunteers. Jen Lambe, Amanda Schreiber… these people are the real stars of this convention, not the actors or authors. and I think everyone kind of knows that.

Inner Child, 2011 edition, Matthew LeDrew, Engen BooksWe had our book launch for Inner Child and our re-launch for the newly international Compendium. There honestly weren’t as many people in attendance at that, but that’s nobody’s fault but our own for going up again Hal Con’s costume contest… I mean, nobody goes up against the costume contest and wins. 😉

There’s so much to say I’ll never say it all. Nicolas Brendan was awesome, as was Kelly Armstrong. Travis Milo (our wonderful volunteer driver) was a hoot and a half while taking us from one end of Halifax to the other. Everything was great. If I had a million years I wouldn’t be able to tell you how great it was.

Anyway, we came damn close to beating our sales mark of last year… missed it by a little, but that’s fine. It’s not about the money. It’s about being a part of something this wonderful. The Con organizers have managed to capture lightning in a bottle a second time, and that’s a rare feat.

I’m exceptionally interested to see what they have in store for Hal-Con 2013.

Hal-Con 2011 Dealer's Room
The Dealer’s Room in the early AM… a very rare moment of peace.
Heidi Paulin - What the Wild Things Read
Heidi makes a sign for the WTWTR launch.

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