A Neon Village @ Hal Con 2

Milan McKay & Ellen Curtis
Milan interviews Ellen for a future episode of “A Neon Village” centering around Hal-Con 2011.

True to form there was a high media presence at this year’s Hal-Con. Although I’m a bit of a media-whore (you have to be doing what I do) there are often no critiques I hold in higher regard than the simple blogger or vlogger putting his or her opinion out there onto the Internet. I’m thrilled that media of this type is becoming more and more recognized in this country, to the point where certain bloggers are being given press-passes at some large conventions. That is awesome.

One Blogger / YouTube Channel creator I was happy to see again was Milan McKay, host of the YouTube channel “A Neon Village.” Milan gave us a great review of Black Womb several months ago and has promised a review of Infinity after picking it up at last year’s Hal-Con, which I eagerly await. but he’s a busy man, and we get that. I’m sure he’d ask where Infinity2 is if I bugged him where my review was. 😉

Anyway, Milan is a great guy who is lots of fun to talk to and hang out with. He was even helping authors carry out their loads of unsold books when I last saw him, which is the type of thing you have to be a real class-act to do. If Milan’s listening, his efforts do not go unnoticed.

In addition to hosting A Neon Village, Milan writes an indie comic called Freaks with Feelings, an odd character-study piece which continues to amaze. It’s got two issues out currently, both in that great “put together with a stapler and a xerox look” that hides the true genius inside. Come on, Ink’d Well Comics! You’ve got a genius on your front door in need of a publisher! Get your game on! 😉

Here’s hoping for another Neon Village sometime soon.

Milan McKay & Ellen Curtis
Is it just me or do the Womb-eyes make it look like Ellen has devil horns? Creepy.


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