Kill Shakespeare @ Hal Con 2

Conor McCreery
Conor McCreery entertains a fan

Kill Shakespeare was back in full force this year with Conor McCreery returning for Hal Con 2011, as well as his co-author Anthony Del Col and artist Andy Belanger. With style, silliness and blood-stained vests they made the show.

Actually they’re all really great people, and it was great seeing Conor again. We picked up the complete two volumes of Kill Shakespeare, receiving the second volume a full three days before it’s technically available. Makes me feel all special. I’ll be sure to post something once I’ve got them read, but having read a few single issues up until now I can say with some certainty that I’ll like the exploits of our heroes as they “Bash the Bard.”

Conor also dropped the bomb that they’re working on a screenplay treatment. Not sure if I’m supposed to know that… but then again, he’s met me before. He knows that I have a huge mouth, so I’m sure it’s not supposed to be a secret.

Anyway, this series is awesome and intelligent and one of the few comics on the racks that won’t rot your brain. Definitely worth a pickup.

Kill Shakespeare, Conor McCreeryMy only regret this year is that Conor didn’t come by the Inner Child launch and play tag like he did at last year’s Infinity launch. You hear me, McCreery? I know you’re just chicken. Next year, I’m proposing an Engen Books / Kill Shakespeare rap battle. Winner takes all, loser goes home. Are you man enough? lol. 😉


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