Ink’d Well Comics @ Hal-Con2

Returning for Hal-Con 2011 this year were friends and cohorts Ink’d Well Comics. I say cohorts because both Ellen and I got a little piece of the comic action this year, with each of us contributing prose stories for their new charity book What the Wild Things Read. Jay says he actually plans on making this a yearly production, which is just awesome. All the proceeds go to “Free the Children,” which (Heidi has informed me) is not a charity that removes children from their homes, but one that frees third-world country children from oppression and cruelty. Definitely a worthy cause. Everyone should go pick it up and feel good about themselves.

Actually there’s a small bone of contention I have with WTWTR, but it has nothing to do with the book itself. It’s because I always wanted to write and draw my own comic story, and I had it all worked out, and just couldn’t get the art done in time. Boo on me. I met Ink’d Well artists Ariel Marsh and Nick Orme while I was there this time, and now have tremendous amounts of respect for what they do and how quickly they do it. Well, I always had respect. Now I have more.

I’ve picked up Jay’s newest book Infantasy, and will be letting everyone know what I think once I get a chance to breathe again after the flight.

Jay Paulin, Ariel Marsh, and Heidi Paulin
Okay Jay, we’re going to need you to smile. That’s good Ariel… a little less, Heidi.
Jay Paulin, Ariel Marsh, and Heidi Paulin
Still good Ariel… of come on Jay, you’re not even trying!
Jay Paulin, Ariel Marsh, and Heidi Paulin
Oh my God that’s hideous! Put it back Jay! Put it back!
Jay Paulin, Ariel Marsh, and Heidi Paulin
That’s better. Whew. Okay, good shoot everyone.


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