Quitting Coffee – Slipped!

Roasters - Science Building
Roasters – Science Building @ MUN

Skipped up today. I attend classes at Memorial University of Newfoundland in addition to all my other activities. Somewhere between ENGL 2004 and ANTH 2411 I found my way down to Roasters and had a coffee. I was smart enough to put 9/10ths of it decaf and the other 10% vanilla cream though, so I don’t feel I’ve cheated too bad.

Had enough soda last night at poker to drown a horse though. 😦

Never Look Back
Matthew LeDrew


7 thoughts on “Quitting Coffee – Slipped!”

      1. no caffeine involved ,plus this type has GANODERMA which
        Gives more energy
        Boosts stamina (less fatigue)
        Rejuvenates the body
        Oxygenates the body
        Detoxifies the body
        Increase brain power
        Strengthens the immune system
        Increases the PH level
        AND it tastes good too; how do u prefer your coffee???
        Black w/milk or with chocolate?


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