Locked out

Ellen Curtis
Ellen Curtis

So, I’ve been stressing lately.

Yesterday was jam packed with school, with cleaning, with filming new Engen Bytes. Today I got up early for a doctors appointment to get some things checked out. A clean bill of health (minus having “mediocre” iron levels and waiting on some routine tests) and I was good to go. Even my blood pressure, which was super high a few weeks ago (153/98 with a pulse of 111), is now down to an awesome 128/80. So, that still has to be monitored, but I seem to be in the clear. I even got in another box of un-packing and an episode of Glee before school. And wouldn’t you know it, but by the time all that was done, and I’d fed Matt, it was time to go. Like, really time to go.

I have this thing, about time. I can be super OCD about it. I call it being punctual, Matt calls it compulsive. To each there own. Anyway, I usually leave a half hour early for anything, just so I have time if I need it. Today, I found myself only heading out the door 20 minutes before class. And that just made me go yipes.

So, in a mad dash, I’m prodding Matt in the butt to get him to drive me and scrambling around for what I’ll need. A glance toward my book bag, gotta fill it with my laptop. A glance toward my purse, I should be saving money, so today I’ll do without a coffee. Left behind.

And here’s where it gets fun, because of all things to leave behind, my purse contains almost everything I need in my day to day. It has my make-up, my laptop charger, deodorant, wallet, ID, and oh ya, my keys.

And I didn’t realize until I was on the way home. Still on campus, but Matt is already headed to class, and for some reason he won’t answer his texts. Lovely, right? So now I’m stuck in the UC, smells of delicious food wafting my way, no money on me to get anything, no where else I can really go, no way of knowing where Matt is, and no way of getting my butt back in the house. And that pretty well sucks, because I have my day job at 6, and Matt won’t be out of class until 5. And we have already discussed how much I hate being rushed. Not to mention St. John’s rush hour traffic. You may as well just bring me out to pasture and shoot me now, because apparently I’m barely legal, but very useless.

Ps. Waisting my time watching Glee was pretty worth it, all things aside. Brittany is adorable. What a doll.

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