Ellen Curtis
Ellen Curtis

Yesterday was Morgan’s birthday party, so after work I was whisked off by Liz and Hedley to Melane’s for pizza. As usual, Matt’s side of the family was out in full force for his sister’s party. I have to say, it was nice seeing everyone, as work has forced me to be absent for the last few family gatherings. It’s hard to believe how far all of us have come since this time last year. Georgia and Brandon had a beautiful little baby, it was last year this time Matt decided to go back to school, Matt and I are settling into shared living arrangements, and for once, everyone is in relatively good health.

All in all, it was a nice day. Morgan loved her presents, and I lucked into picking up things for her that she liked and needed. I even got some nummy gluten-free pizza. And I heard a funny story about Matt, but really it would be cruel to post. My sweet boy probably wouldn’t be too pleased.

Anyway, after a long day of work, with school in the morning, a girl needs her rest! Hope your days are just as fun 😉

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