Engen ‘Signature Series’ launched

Infinity (Ellen Curtis, Matthew LeDrew)
Infinity (Ellen Curtis, Matthew LeDrew)

Engen Books is proud to announce the unveiling of its own line of unique products catered specifically to the online market: the Engen Books Signature Series.

Starting today, all Engen titles will be available under the Signature Series imprint, an innovative answer to the question of how to make the Engen WebStore remain relevant in the current online market.

“We’ve starting selling our titles on amazon.com, amazon.ca and chapters.com.” said Black Womb and Infinity author Matthew LeDrew. “We wanted a way to keep something special about the online Engen store. Something that could keep loyal fans coming back here and treating them for doing so.”

The aptly named Signature Series will feature the choice of ordering each title in Engen’s library as either a ‘regular’ edition or a ‘signature’ edition… that is, a copy of the novel with the author’s signature on it.

The feature is simply a matter of choice and convenience, and will have no bearing on the price of the item.

All Engen Universe titles will be available under the series, including Black Womb (and all its sequels), Compendium, and Infinity.

Sci-Fi from the Rock will also be available under the Signature Series, although not every author’s signature will be available.

“When dealing with three different authors and a fourth and fifth coming on this April, it becomes too much to hunt them all down for every order.” said LeDrew. “It’s likely that anyone ordering a volume of Sci-Fi from the Rock will be getting Steve Lake’s signature, but some fans may be pleasantly surprised to find they have two or even three signatures. But there will be no guarantees for the titles in that line.”

The Signature Series is an available option on any item in the Engen Store or the Titles section, both of which are accessible on the menu bar on the left of this page.

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