Infinity (Ellen Curtis, Matthew LeDrew)

Infinity (Paperback)
Ellen Curtis / Matthew LeDrew
First in a new series from Engen Books. Faced with a destiny he’s uncertain of, the enigmatic Victor must bring together four unique people with very special abilities… or face the tasks ahead alone. Guaranteed to excite!

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Title Information:

ISBN: 978-1-926903-00-2
Release Date: October 31, 2010
Status: Available
Book Type: Paperback (5 x 8 in)
Cover Price: Buy Local: $20 / EBook: $6.99
Page Count: 310

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“A powerful book that tackles more issues then just powers and conspiracies, it also tackles issues like spiritual infinity and the responsibility of those with power.  This is a must for fans of X-Men and similar titles.”
42 Webs
July 2011

This book is an interesting and easy read. LeDrew and Curtis have created their own line of characters with super powers and I’m excited to see where they take it. This book lines up interesting potential and I’m eager to explore more.
S.S. Yasumi, Simple Pleasures
July 31, 2016

” For anyone looking for a thought-provoking thriller, this is mandatory reading. I rate this extremely high.”
Jay Paulin, Ink’d Well Comics
November 2010

“It was different from what I expected but at the same time that was what impressed me the most. I can’t believe how well [the authors] managed to blend all of those story lines together and how well you did it. And the fact that [there are] a group of major characters running around and they’re all fully developed believable people is incredible.”
April 28, 2013

“Super powers and poker. Mysterious school for gifted children, growing conspiracy. Take all these cliches and add in talk of spiritual infinity and the responsibility of those with power and place it into the hands of good writers and bam! Awesome read!”
Geeks v. Nerds
April 9, 2014

” “Destiny doesn’t wait for anyone” is the catch phrase for this book: it’s the perfect short description of what this book is all about. Infinity is the start of the story of an enigmatic man, Victor, who brings together four unique people from varying backgrounds after searching for those without limitations and who could truly change the world. The first book of the series follows Abby, Chad and Theo as they work to unravel their pasts. The three plots are separate, but they flow together very well… Do you like when a story leaves room for your imagination to run wild? Do you enjoy following different characters with unique backgrounds through a new world? Then Infinity is for you.I’d recommend checking out this book and jumping into the adventure!”
Jenna Harvie, Paper Droids
Feb 10, 2014

“I don’t read a lot of this genre, but I may have to start. This book was more “literary” than most literary books I’ve read lately. It follows three separate plots that move quickly and seamlessly, and you never find yourself bored or questioning what’s going on. There’s great dialog and amazing characters, each of them unique and well-developed. These seem like people. Fully formed and three-dimensional each, especially Abby and Chad.
There are some great moments scattered throughout and an amazing ending. There are no wasted sentences in Infinity… Everything means something, and nothing is by accident, even if it isn’t readily apparent on the first read.
In the contending for one of the best books published in 2010.”

February 19, 2012


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