Special Report: Sci-Fi on the Rock IV

Matthew LeDrew and Ellen Curtis at Sci-Fi on the Rock
Matthew LeDrew and Ellen Curtis at Sci-Fi on the Rock

The convention season started with a bang April 17-18th 2010 with Sci-Fi on the Rock IV, the biggest and best for both the convention organizers and for Engen Books!

Sci-Fi fans flocked in droves to the beloved convention, with attendance reaching an estimated staggering 1500 this year, the greatest of any year yet. And it showed. With often standing room only in the dealer and show rooms, Engen writers and staff had a unique opportunity to make a real impression.

Ghosts of the Past launch

Ghosts of the Past, the fifth novel in the Black Womb series by Matthew LeDrew, launched to rave results at the height of the madness Saturday afternoon.

The launch was attended by a packed crowd, including fellow Engen authors Ellen Curtis and Melanie Collins, as well as local radio personalities Sarah Thompson and Cara Browne. LeDrew spoke to the gathered crowd, read an excerpt from his newest novel, and answered questions fielded from the audience in what he called his best launch yet.

“It was truly amazing,” commented LeDrew. “It’s been over two years, but its really starting to pay off, and you can see it in the launches. Our fanbase and readership are growing, to the point where launches are becoming the events that they’re supposed to be.”

Also featured at the launch was a tremendous cake, decorated into an exact replica of the Ghosts of the Past cover.

Matthew LeDrew reading
Matthew LeDrew reading

“The cake was astonishing, everyone loved it,” beamed LeDrew.

Sci-Fi from the Rock launch

Ghosts of the Past cake
Ghosts of the Past cake

Not to be outdone, Sci-Fi from the Rock countered on Sunday afternoon with their own book launch, featuring appearances from all three authors and a reading by Melanie Collins. (Recorded by Ellen Curtis, video available soon.)

Sci-Fi from the Rock has become a massive success for Engen, selling over half it’s initial print run in pre-orders alone, making it Sunday’s biggest seller.

“We’re genuinely impressed with the work of Darren Hann, Steve Lake and Melanie Collins,” said LeDrew. “We’re already in talks with Lake and Hann to produce novels all their own, and Melanie knows the door is always open.”

Curtis has book signing at Sci-Fi Con

Continuing Engen success stories, Ellen Curtis was present again promoting her first novel, Compendium. Continuing the tour she began in ’09 with NWCC and Chapters, Curtis was welcomed for the first time as a guest of Sci-Fi on the Rock.

“It was an amazing experience,” says Curtis. “The con gets bigger every year, and I was very happy to be attending as an Engen author this year. My only regret was not getting to see the Replication movie… but apparently it’ll be available online soon, so I’ll see it then.”

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