May the Fourth be with you

Sci-Fi on the RockIt’s mid April, and that means three things in St. Johns. Snowfall. Junos. And SCI-FI ON THE ROCK!

That’s right, Newfoundland’s first and biggest science-fiction convention is back, and Engen authors will be out if force this 17th and 18th.

Ellen Curtis will be signing copies of her newest book Compendium, while hosting writing seminars for new and upcoming authors.

Engen newcomers Steve Lake, Melanie Collins and Darren Hann will be on hand not only as organizers of the renowned convention, but also as authors of the newest Engen anthology, Sci-Fi from the Rock, launching at the con.

Lastly, Engen author and founder Matthew LeDrew will be there to lead seminars and launch the newest book in the acclaimed Black Womb series, Ghosts of the Past.

For a full list of convention Engen activities, see below:

3:00 pm – BOOK LAUNCH — Ghosts of the Past

5:00 pm – Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror writing with Ellen Curtis and Matthew LeDrew.

10:00am – Writer’s Toolkit — Matthew LeDrew and Ellen Curtis discusses the tools needed to be an author with a competitive edge in this day and age.

2:00pm – BOOK LAUNCH — Sci-Fi from the Rock.

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