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Ghosts of the Past

Black Womb’s story continues as the town of Coral Beach faces its most awesome threat when one of Engen’s past mistakes is unleashed upon the unsuspecting populous. Friends and enemies unite to fight a common enemy… but will even that be enough?

Ghosts of the Past (Pocket Paperback)
Matthew LeDrew

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Title Information:

ISBN: 978-0-9784342-7-4
Release Date: April 15 , 2010
Status: Available
Book Type: Pocket Paperback (4 x 6.5 in)
Cover Price: Buy Local: $20 / EBook: $4.99
Page Count: 158

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“We are treated to a few different [writing] styles, deviating from what we’ve seen in the Black Womb series to date. At times, things tie together very well.”
Jay Paulin, Ink’d Well Comics, October 2011

“Black Womb has vanquished some nasties – both human and not – in the previous books, but faces the worst yet in Ghosts of the Past. There is even more blood and vicious death in this book than the previous four in the series.”
Jean Graham, The Northeast Avalon Times
October 2010

“LeDrew’s work is horror that emerges from the urban fantasy tradition — the introduction of a fantastical element into a true-to-life, modern setting.”
The Telegram, Aug 13, 2010


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