Convention Re-Invention

Ellen Curtis
Ellen Curtis

It’s April, but there’s no fooling around at Engen Books as they come to the end of their drafting quarter and move into what Engen founder Matthew LeDrew refers to as the “hectic half”.

“We have about six months of the year where we’re nonstop, always on tour or editing or trying to get things done. April is the start of that, but I think we’re ready,” said LeDrew.

The “Hectic Half” starts April 17-18th with Sci-Fi on the Rock, where all five Engen staff writers will be in attendance to launch and sign books, as well as host panels for up and coming writers. It lasts until the end of October, with a genuinely hectic weak involving two major cons in two different provinces.

“It’s exciting. It’s my favorite time of year,” said Compendium author Ellen Curtis. “It’s when I get to go out and meet the fans and sell some books. There’s a lot of community with the cons. Everyone’s great, it’s always a fantastic experience.”

Curtis’ first novel, Compendium, was released at the final stop of 2009s Hectic Half, launching at the first West Coast Con in Corner Brook. 2010 will mark her first official tour as a published author, making stops in Ontario, Newfoundland and Halifax.

Despite being busy, it provides an opportunity to get feedback from the fans on the books Engen is publishing; a vital part of the creative process.

If you have any thoughts you would like to share on any Engen series or novel, please email us as . Your comments are important to the work of our authors.

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