Ghosts of the Past: Unveiling Engen secrets

Ghosts of the Past
Ghosts of the Past

Over the past four months, details have been slowly leaking about the newest chapter in the Black Womb saga: Ghosts of the Past.

Leaks began on September 10th when series author Matthew LeDrew appeared on the internet-broadcast Sci-Fi on the Rock TV.

“At the (Sci-Fi on the Rock IV) convention we’re launching Ghosts of the Past.” said LeDrew. “It’s probably going to be our darkest one yet. We’re actually a little bit worried about it. This is definitely one where younger fans should beware.”

After that interview LeDrew remained tight-lipped on the subject of Ghosts while preparing for the launch of Roulette and Compendium, but is now ready to open up on what’s in store for 2010.

Ghosts of the Past is going to reveal secrets about Engen that could only now come to light. There are forces at work against Xander and his friends that he doesn’t see coming… and I doubt the readers are either.”

With promises that this book will shake-up the Engen status quo, be sure to pick up Ghosts of the Past, on sale this April from Engen Books!

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