Polaris 23 and Beyond!

Photo by Jaqui Tam
Photo by Jaqui Tam

Its been a busy summer over here at Engen Books, but now that things are finally starting to wind down we can catch up on the events that matter!

Polaris 23 went ahead as scheduled from July 10-12 in Toronto, Ontario. The Richmond Hill Sheraton was packed with Black Womb and NewFoundSpecFic fans, as well as many newcomers picking up the series for the first time!

Black Womb and Smoke and Mirrors author Matthew LeDrew was in attendance, teaching panels on art and publishing, as well as recording podcasts for comic fan-zines!

“Matthew was also a very funny guy and I enjoyed being on the panel with him,” Clare Moseley (writer/artist on The Otherkind and Matthew’s co-panelist on The Basics of Art for Noobs) commented on her blog.

Also in attendance were Stargate stars Claudia Black and David Hewlett, as well as Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Michelle Forbes, Iceberg Publishing author Kenneth Tam, and many more!

“It was a blast,” commented LeDrew, “It’s always good seeing Ken again, as well as meeting new fans and colleges. There really is nothing like it in terms of connecting with your audience.”

As for the rest of the summer, plans were finalized to launch the fourth book of the Black Womb series, Roulette at NWCC (Newfoundland’s West Coast Convention) October 24-25, 2009 in Corner Brook.

In addition, LeDrew announced the development of a new series from Engen Books currently codenamed Infinity. When asks to comment on the nature of the series, LeDrew only stated that “I can’t say much yet, other than this will be a book about everything. And I mean everything. It’s too big for just me, so I’ve brought on one of this country’s top young authors to help. It should be quite a ride.”

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