Smoke and Mirrors available now!

Smoke and Mirrors (novel)Smoke and Mirrors saw its release onto the market today, quenching fan anticipation that has been building for over a year.

The third book in Engen’s flagship series promises many revelations and twists, but none like the one the author made in announcing the launch of the book.

“We’re not going to be having one,” said Matthew LeDrew, author of the entire series including Black Womb and Transformations in Pain. “This one’s for the fans more than anything. We’re planning on getting bigger and better with our launches as time marches on, but with Smoke and Mirrors it seemed unnecessary.”

Market fluctuation and instability this quarter have led to the entire publication industry being in trouble. Several Canadian publishing companies have closed their doors in the past six months, but research shows that Engen will not be one of them.

“Direct sales have always been the lifeblood of this industry, so that’s what we’re going to be driving for with Smoke and Mirrors.” said LeDrew. “It’s a risky experiment, but we’re confident in it. It’s not one we’d attempt if we weren’t certain of the success of NewFoundSpecFic, also out this month.”

Smoke and Mirrors is currently available through the Engen Books Webstore and will be available in stores everywhere after the upcoming Sci-Fi on the Rock III convention.


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