New look for Engen Books!

People who visit the Engen Books site regularly will probably have already noticed some slight changes to the way the site looks today… well, your eyes aren’t deceiving you; we really do have a new logo. According to Engen Books founder Matthew LeDrew, it couldn’t come soon enough.

“Our previous slogan, ‘ENGENeering your nightmares’, was never meant to be permanent. It was basically put there temporarily until something better could be thought of. Sadly, that got put on the back-burner as more immediate concerns kept coming up. Whatever the case, it’s finally done now.”

LeDrew, the author of both Black Womb and Transformations in Pain, continued to say that the new slogan ‘never look back’ was chosen because of its multiple meanings and relevance.

“‘Never look back’ is the perfect slogan for this stage in Engen Books’ development,” continued LeDrew. “Now that we’ve been in operation for a little while, we’ve crossed the point of no return. Engen Books is here to stay now, so there is literally no looking back. It’s also a play on a phrase said in many horror books, when people are told to ‘not look behind you’ or ‘don’t look down’. For those reasons, it seemed very befitting of Engen. Here’s hoping this one sticks.”


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