Engen Books 2007 News

Engen news from 2007 archived.

Engen Books website up and running!

It’s August 13, 2007, and http://www.engenbooks.com is finally up and running! We’re still building the site at this point, of course. Cruise around and I’m sure you’ll find lots of broken links, miss-information, and pages that make absolutely no sense at all. Sadly, there are no prizes for finding these errors.

Big news coming up soon that we’ll be sure to keep you posted on, though. Black Womb, the first novel in the series of the same name by author Matthew LeDrew will arrive in October, so be sure to keep an eye out for it. We’re currently in talks to make appearances all over Newfoundland to help promote the book, so keep checking back to find out when we’ll be in your area!

Also, Mr. LeDrew is hard at work writing the fourteenth novel in the series, currently titled The Long Road, and is also putting the finishing touches on the sequel, Transformations in Pain. Be sure to keep an ear open for both!

Black Womb is now on Facebook!

In anticipation of the upcoming horror novel Black Womb from Engen Books, we’ve started a Facebook group dedicated to all things and people Black Womb. Be sure to go there for images, discussion and updates on the people of Coral Beach, Maine.

Also, you can get notified on current Black Womb events such as conventions, launch parties, and appearances by becoming a member!

To join the Black Womb Facebook group, click here or visit http://www.facebook.com

First Black Womb book signing at Chapters

As a part of his promotion for his new horror novel Black Womb, Chapters will be holding a book signing with the books author Matthew LeDrew on Saturday, January 12 (2008) from 1-3 p.m. at their 70 Kenmount Road, St. Johns location.

Matthew will be signing books and fielding questions regarding Black Womb and how to self-publish.

For more information of Chapters and Indigo, visit www.chapters.ca .

Transformations in Pain book signing!

Transformations in Pain is here!

Transformations in Pain, the second novel in the Black Womb series reaches stores in the greater metro St. John’s area today, March 29, 2008!

To celebrate this event, Chapters will be holding a book signing at their 70 Kenmount Road location. Matthew LeDrew, author of the series, will be at Chapters signing copies of both his books between 2-4pm.

Anyone wanting to buy a copy that cannot make it may purchase it online at this site or attend the Sci-Fi on the Rock II convention coming up this April 19-20, 2008.

Matthew LeDrew to appear at Sci-Fi on the Rock II!

Matthew LeDrew was recently announced as one of the many guests to appear at the second annual Sci-Fi on the Rock convention in St. John’s, NL!

This year’s convention is going to be bigger than ever, with guests like Jeremy Bulloch, Kenneth Tam, Shannon Patrick Sullivan and Paul Tucker slated to be in attendance. It is currently to be held April 19-20 2008 at the St. John’s Holiday Inn.

Matthew LeDrew will be there to promote his first novel, Black Womb, and to celebrate the release of his second novel, Transformations in Pain, also slated for April. He has stated that he will be doing at least one publishing panel for people interested in self-publishing their works.

For more information, visit www.scifiontherock.com

New look for Engen Books!

People who visit the Engen Books site regularly will probably have already noticed some slight changes to the way the site looks today… well, your eyes aren’t deceiving you; we really do have a new logo. According to Engen Books founder Matthew LeDrew, it couldn’t come soon enough.

“Our previous slogan, ‘ENGENeering your nightmares’, was never meant to be permanent. It was basically put there temporarily until something better could be thought of. Sadly, that got put on the back-burner as more immediate concerns kept coming up. Whatever the case, it’s finally done now.”

LeDrew, the author of both Black Womb and Transformations in Pain, continued to say that the new slogan ‘never look back’ was chosen because of its multiple meanings and relevance.

“‘Never look back’ is the perfect slogan for this stage in Engen Books’ development,” continued LeDrew. “Now that we’ve been in operation for a little while, we’ve crossed the point of no return. Engen Books is here to stay now, so there is literally no looking back. It’s also a play on a phrase said in many horror books, when people are told to ‘not look behind you’ or ‘don’t look down’. For those reasons, it seemed very befitting of Engen. Here’s hoping this one sticks.”

The Sci-Fi on the Rock II celebration begins!

The second annual Sci-Fi on the Rock convention, the largest Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror convention in Newfoundland is back! This April 19th-20th at the Holiday Inn in St. John’s, join the madness as some of the oddest pairings in Science Fiction history meet in the same room!

Black Womb and Transformations in Pain author Matthew LeDrew joins Jeremy Bulloch, William Meikle, Kenneth Tam, Brian Downey, Paul Tucker and Vader Party in a celebration of all things Science-Fiction and Horror!

Fans of the Black Womb series shouldn’t miss out on writing and publishing circles with the author of the series, as well special deals on the LeDrew’s novels! Only at the Sci-Fi on the Rock convention, by any Black Womb book for $10.00 a piece, or buy both Black Womb and Transformations in Pain for only $15.00!!!

For more information on Sci-Fi on the Rock II, click here.

Smoke and Mirrors available now!

Smoke and Mirrors saw its release onto the market today, quenching fan anticipation that has been building for over a year.

The third book in Engen’s flagship series promises many revelations and twists, but none like the one the author made in announcing the launch of the book.

“We’re not going to be having one,” said Matthew LeDrew, author of the entire series including Black Womb and Transformations in Pain. “This one’s for the fans more than anything. We’re planning on getting bigger and better with our launches as time marches on, but with Smoke and Mirrors it seemed unnecessary.”

Market fluctuation and instability this quarter have led to the entire publication industry being in trouble. Several Canadian publishing companies have closed their doors in the past six months, but research shows that Engen will not be one of them.

“Direct sales have always been the lifeblood of this industry, so that’s what we’re going to be driving for with Smoke and Mirrors.” said LeDrew. “It’s a risky experiment, but we’re confident in it. It’s not one we’d attempt if we weren’t certain of the success of NewFoundSpecFic, also out this month.”

Smoke and Mirrors is currently available through the Engen Books Webstore and will be available in stores everywhere after the upcoming Sci-Fi on the Rock III convention.

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