Engen Books is currently accepting solicited submissions in all genres of publication; for both novels and novellas.

For the submission of novels, please supply no more than a two-page proposal for your piece, including a brief synopsis, the genre you feel it would fall under, the total length of the work in word count, and a brief biography on the author.

We accept submissions for short stories and flash fiction via our twice-yearly From the Rock series and the Kit Sora Flash Photography Fiction monthly contest, respectively. Please see individual postings for guidelines for each.

It is asked that all submissions be supplied in PDF format if at all possible, or failing that in Microsoft Word.

Submissions may be presented to .

Submissions sent to employee e-mail addresses are automatically discarded, and will not be considered for publication


3 thoughts on “Submissions”

    1. Not right away. Our publishing schedule is getting very full, but we still want to take in exciting work in genres we don’t have enough of on the calendar! So we thought it was best for people to start with a pitch, and then if we’re looking for that sort of thing right now we’ll request the first three chapters VERY quickly.

      It’s just an effort to save everyone a lot of time, we will see if it works. 🙂


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