There’s No Place Like Home

Let us recap from where we left off, dear readers. My brother and I were in Ottawa, exploring our country’s capital. Right.

Well, after that, Michael and I drove for about ten hours, and went through another time zone in order to reach Fredericton. This meant we went through about two hours worth of Ontario, the southern part of Quebec, and a little more than half of New Brunswick. It was an honestly exhausting trip, mostly because Michael and I really just wanted to get home. Ontario was fairly brown and barren between Ottawa and Quebec, and Quebec was rather quiet when you don’t enter its cities. Same with New Brunswick. It isn’t until you reach the city centres that you understand how many people there actually are. It just proves how limited everyone’s circle of travel really is; most tend to stay just within their own city limits.

The next day, we traveled for about six hours to North Sydney, NS in order to catch the ferry home. We were very bouncy for the first half, and I made a wrong turn (apologies, little brother), and we ended up taking county roads for the last couple of hours. These were not half as exciting as the county roads in Ontario, mostly because they were very, very bumpy. Not very fun. However, upon reaching the east end of Nova Scotia, we began to recognize our roots. The shores of Nova Scotia are very similar to some part of Newfoundland, and I think both of us just breathed a huge sigh of relief.

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O Canada

My fellow Canadians, please be aware that our capital city is actually fairly nice. It’s not crowded like Vancouver or Montreal, nor is it sprawling like Calgary. It’s… well, when it’s not raining or misting like it did for our second day, it’s really rather nice. And Parliament Hill is especially cool. I admittedly completely enjoyed our free tour of the centre of our government.


There’s a whole bunch of history involved with it – for instance, did anyone know that the building burned down in 1916, and they had to rebuild it in the middle of WWI? No? Me neither! Or that they keep having to add shields of Newfoundland and Labrador and Nunavut as we joined later on (sorry for the extra work, Ottawa). In fact, there was even a plaque at some point that mentioned Newfoundland by name and as separate from Canada, which pleased me muchly, I must admit.

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