Sci-Fi from the Rock welcomes Peter Foote

In addition to established all-stars like Jay Paulin (Super Galactic Space Explorers) and Scott Bartlett (Taking Stock), April’s Sci-Fi from the Rock will feature the initial publication of several soon-to-be well-known Atlantic Canadian authors!

Bringing his short story “The Silence Between Moons,” Engen Books is proud to announce Peter Foote!

Born and raised in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, the son of an apple farmer, Peter Foote studied archaeology in university, is employed as a boiler and refrigeration operator, and runs a used bookstore out of his basement in his spare time.

Believing that an author should write what he knows, many of Peter’s stories are a reflection of his personal life.

“The Silence Between Moons” is Peter’s first published story.

Check out Sci-Fi from the Rock in print and digital formats April 1, 2016 and stay tuned for more announcements!

Spider Notes: Books For Sale

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monster_comic_lounge2_lgGOOD NEWS EVERYBODY!!

I am proud to announce that my two books – the award winning NEVER BEEN TO MARS and its sequel TO MONEY AND A TV – is now available for purchase at Monster Comic Lounge.

Monster Comic Lounge is located at 2089 Gottingen St, Halifax.
So if you missed the last book signing or you’ve been unable to pick up a copy of my new book, you can purchase a signed copy of either book at Monster Comic Lounge.
Monster Comics Lounge contains new and used board games, card games and role playing! It has all the latest comics, over 125000 back issues and a huge selection of action figures and collectibles!
You can find more about Monster Comics Lounge and their events, like Free Comic Book Day and Magic The Gathering pre-releases activities and events and even sales by dropping into their store or…

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Christpher Walsh writes for Sci-Fi from the Rock!

Our second author to be featured in April 2016’s Sci-Fi from the Rock has been announced: Christopher Walsh, with his short story, “Stealing Back Freedom”!

Christopher Walsh is an author from Brigus South, Newfoundland. Stealing Back Freedom is a prequel story from his fantasy series Gold & Steel, the first, full-length entry of which is titled As Fierce as Steel and is to be released in early 2016.

Over the past four years, Chris has been crafting the massive world of Gold & Steel and putting together what will be his first entries into the even bigger world of publishing: As Fierce as Steel and Stealing Back Freedom.

When not writing, Chris works as an apprentice carpenter and enjoys reading a variety of material with particular interest in other fantasy works. He’s also an avid video gamer and hiker.

To Money and a TV Book Signing Event!

cover1The Monster Comic Lounge at 2091 Gottingen St, Halifax, Nova Scotia will host the first book signing to celebrate the release of To Money and a TV, the second novel in Larry Gent’s Benedict Forecasts series. Saturday January 9, 1pm-3pm!

Come pick up a copy of Award Winning author Larry Gent’s newest book – TO MONEY AND A TV! Meet the author and get your booked signed!!

Available on location:
Never Been to Mars – $10
To Money and a TV – $20

Alternatively, for those unable to make the event, the digital edition on To Money and a TV will be available as an eBook for 99 cents until January 10th!

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5 Comic-Book movies that should be tried, but won’t be – Distractions

I’m giving myself a Holiday present, and that present is a non-Engen characters related post. While there’s no specific rule against this (we’ve all seen Erin Vance’s terrific travel blog) I still tend to limit myself to posts revolving around the site, the novels, and the characters of Engen Books. But everyone deserves to indulge themselves this time of year a little, and this is my indulgence.

(Also it fits the theme of this blog: pondering the future of comic-book movies takes up far, far too much of my time and creative energy. Maybe writing this post can excise some of those thoughts and let me move on to more creative endeavors.)

So, these are my ideas for 5 major (or minor, in many cases) comic book movies, tv shows and original series that will – probably – never happen. But hey: you never know.

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To Money and a TV

Benedict has never been the same since coming home from Iraq but he’s getting better.  He’s rejoined the lives of his family, he’s keeping busy with work, he has a kinda-sorta-but-not-really girlfriend and his Netflix queue has just expanded.  Everything’s coming up Benedict.

When an evil movie quoting sniper starts taunting him over the phone, Benedict gets worried.

When the sniper starts killing people and leaving items from Benedict’s past at the crime scene, Benedict gets scared.

When his kinda-sorta-but-not-really girlfriend wants to have the relationship talk, Benedict get terrified.

Benedict already misses his TV.

Never Been to Mars (Paperback)
Larry Gent



To Money and a TV (
To Money and a TV (

To Money and a TV (
To Money and a TV (Barnes&Noble)

Title Information:

ISBN: 978-1926903279
Release Date: December 01 , 2015
Status: Available
Book Type: Paperback (5 x 8 in)
Cover Price: US $19.99 / CAN $19.99 / UK £18.99
Page Count: 322

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 Never Been to Mars


“If there was a literary award for best sequel, this book should win it.”
Matthew LeDrew, author: Black Womb and Infinity
December 01 ,2015

To Money and a TV – ON SALE NOW

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cover1Today is December 1st, 2015.  Today To Money and a TVgoes on sale.  This book, the follow-up to my award winning debut Never Been to Mars, has been a couple years in the making and I’m proud to see it finally released.
You can order the book online!  You can even purchase the ebook!

TO MONEY AND A TV (Benedict Forecast #2)

My name is Benedict Thompson and I am a superhero.  With a single touch I can read an item’s past.  I can tell you who used that pen before you, I can describe how that shoe was made and I can describe everything that has been done on that motel room bed.

Not every superpower is a blessing.

larry31Benedict has never been the same since coming home from Iraq but he’s getting better.  He’s rejoined the lives of his family, he’s keeping busy…

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